Monday, May 23, 2016

My new blog page

 I recently recieved an e-mail from one of my reader or probably the only reader. I did reply back to her but I felt so happy that I thought of not just writing this new post but also starting my new blog page .
Dear reader, thanks a zillion for  the e-mail. I am glad that I at least have one reader apart from my brother :-). I have already replied to your e-mail but it was so encouraging for me that I decided to write a post too.
                          Thanks for sharing a part of your life with me and I feel happy that "Lessons of life" helped you in any way. Keep motivating yourself and keep hanging in there. You'll sail through, I am sure. Its difficult to be a woman but I know you can endure much more than you think you can. Just keep going, slowly..Just dont' stop. Keep moving..I wish you more power.

 I am not a natural writer rather I am not a writer at all. There is so much I want to write but due to lack of that artistic spark in me I am not able to translate my thoughts into words. I hope my skills will improve with time. I am not consistent with this blog either and didn't care much to write till now. But from now on Ill write more often , even if it is just for one reader.
                       Dear reader, you have motivated me to start another blog page where ill try to write more about my experiences and lessons of life. You are pretty young to understand all that but let me know if that makes any sense to you. It might completely be nonsensical, absurd, insane and stupid. Ill still write....
My new page could be found here    

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.”– Josiah Gilbert Holland
Much love Aditi


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Top 5 tourist attractions of Macau

Macau is a small peninunsula close to HongKong in mainland China and is considered the Los Vegas of Asia. Here is my list of top 5 most popular places in Macau

1. The Venetian

2. Ruins of St. Paul

3. Senado Square

4. Fisherman's Warf

5. Guan Yin Statue

All these places are easily accessible by buses and taxi's. There is a free bus service from the port to Venetian, Sands, City of dreams, Galaxy, Star World Hotel and Studio city. For other places you can take a taxi or a local bus. 
For those who want to try their luck at gambling minimum bid at Venetian starts from US$1000. 

There are other places worth visiting too. Here is the list

1. Mount Fortress 

2. Museu De Macau

3. Grand Prix Museum

4. Wine museum

Hope it helps in planning your trip to Macau. Bon Voyage!
For any queries drop a comment in the comments section below.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

10 Most popular places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia. I visited Hong Kong in February during Chinese  new year and here is my collection of 10 most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

1. The Victoria Harbor

2. 1881 Heritage

3. The Clock Tower

4. Disneyland

5. The Ocean Park

6. 360 Nong Ping

7. The Sky Tram

8. The Victoria Peak 

9. Madam Tussaud's

10. Ladies Market 

Make sure to include these places in your Hong kong trip. If you are not comfortable in crowd then these 10 places are not for you.

Hope you have fun in HK! Drop questions, if any, in the comment section below.

"A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim"

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Monday, February 1, 2016

How to get discount in South Korea?

Who on this planet doesn't like discounts? Admit it, we all love it. So here is how to avail discounts while you are in South Korea.

1. Syrup wallet:Download the syrup wallet app from  app store/ google play store

2.Once you have installed the syrup wallet, open it and press the left button (it means nae card or my card) on the orange bar at the very bottom of the screen .Once you have pressed that button you'll see a screen like below.

3. You can then download as many membership cards, point cards or coupons as you want. Here's an example how you can download an e-mart card?
Type the name of card that you want to use in the search box at the top of the screen. You can type both in English and Hangul (Whatever you prefer). For this particular example I typed emart. Once you type the name of the card you are looking for hit the search button. It'll show you the results in a screen like down below. Click on the black/grey emart card.

4. Once you select the card, you'll see the following screen. Press the download arrow just below the card.

5. Once you press the download button , this form will open up. Check all the boxed and hit the orange button at the bottom of the screen.

 6. Once you hit the orange button, you'll see this screen with barcode on it. Thats it! This means you have successfully added the card to your wallet.

You can then go back and add as many cards as you like.

How to use these cards?

During the time of billing at any store , open the app in your smart phone and open up the cards as shown in point 2 in this post. Click on the card you want to use and show it to the person on the billing counter. If you dont' know which card to use just show them the wallet, and they'll select the one for you. Staff here in Korea is usually very co-operative so you must not face any problem with that. He/She will scan the barcode and adjust the amount as per the discount available on that card. You can also use the point cards in the same way and redeem the points later.
If you get any card from a cosmetic store or any other store ask them to help you with configuring it in your syrup wallet.
 Syrup will also show you daily deals, you can avail them too if you want.
Syrup wallet can be used to get discounts on almost anything from food to cosmetics, clothes etc.

Other ways of availing discounts in Korea

1. Visit this site for discount coupons for museums, ski resorts etc. for 2016.
2. For foreigners only discount at Everland and Caribbean bay  click here
3.For various other discounts click Coupons
4. Seoul, Busan & Jeju only discounts here
5. Petite France discount coupon valid upto 28th Feb 2016 here

Now, Shop till you drop :-).

Happy Seollal! Hope this post helps you save some money this holiday season in Korea.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to file a tax return in South Korea (2016)?

Its January and it is the "tax return file" time here in Korea. I tried looking for some help online on "How to file tax return in Korea" but in vain. So I had to take help from one of my Korean friend. I had to first generate a PDF file of all the expenses and then upload it on my company's website so that they can later file the tax return for me. Here is a step-wise guide on how to generate that PDF file which you will later upload or send to the concerned authority of your company. I work for a government research institute so I am not sure if the process is same for people employed at hagwons or private companies.

Before you get started here are the prerequisites

  1. Use windows. I used windows so i'm not sure if it works on Unix systems
  2. Use internet explorer
  3. You must have any of the korean certificates on your system like online banking, koreamail or any other korean certificate. I used my NH bank certificate.
  4. In case you have any trouble with this process install all the updates for windows and then start the process again.

  1. Go to Click on the first big blue button. It means "year end settlement" or something like that :-).

2.  First click the button on the left (seen after the 3 points). This button will install the necessary updates required for the process. Then,fill in the details. First box is for your name (as in your ARC). Second box is for your ARC number. Hit the big blue button. 

3.It'll open up a form kind-of thing showing all your certificates. Choose the certificate and enter the password. If you are using an English version of windows and you have more than one certificates installed check the expiry date of the certificate in order to choose the correct one.Choose the certificate, enter the password and click the first of three buttons you see at the end of the form.

4. It'll open up the following screen.Click the checkbox just above the black button at the end of the form. Leave the rest unchecked. Click the black button.
5. Once you hit the black button, the following screen will show up.Click all the blue buttons one by one and they'll show how much money you spent on various things.

6. Once you have clicked on all the blue buttons click on the button where you see pointer in the picture

7. Once you click on the button above it'll open up the following form. Check all boxes highlighted (as shown in picture below) and click the button where the pointer is in the picture below. Save the PDF, hit the black button and you are done.

Once you have the PDF file you can upload it on your company's website or use it as per your company's rules. I uploaded it on my office's mail portal that we have.

 In case this doesn't work or there is any glitch with the process i mentioned here, let me know please.

Hope it helps !

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lessons of life - Tomorrow is not a promise

  1. What is life without ups and downs: Its the lows in life that make us enjoy the highs of life all the more. Imagine the joy of a person who finally won a race after loosing 3 times. Failure is necessary for that reality check and keep us grounded. Trust me, there is no fun in having all ups and no downs in life. 
  2. Be aware of your individuality: We often loose ourselves in the chaos of this world. So it is very important to be aware of yourself as an individual. Put yourself before anyone, even your family. If you aren't happy  you can't  make anyone else happy. If life is a game, then everyone needs to play for themselves. 
  3. Your closest friends will betray you: If you thought they wont, its your fault. Its a race and everyone wants to win.
  4. Your family won't support you:You got to play your own game. If you firmly believe in something, go for it. Do it so good that it leaves your family with no other option but to support you.
  5. Don't go too hard on yourself: That is what this world is for. Leave it to them. 
  6. Be kind to yourself: Treat yourself with love and care. If you wont do that for yourself, don't expect this world to do that for you.
  7. Be your own hero: If you think the guy who plays guitar in your school is cool, how about learning it yourself?
  8. Don't hurt the innocent one: Don't take any s**t from anyone but avoid hurting the innocent one.
  9. Violence is not an answer: It never was. If you want respect and love you got to give that to people first. There is no frigging problem in this world that cannot be solved over a talk. So talk it out.
  10. Life didn't promise you happiness: So stop complaining and go out and promise yourself happiness. No one but you yourself can make you happy.
Do all this now, today. Tomorrow might never come! Go out, be crazy, mad and happy :-) 

Grab some ice caramel latte and keep it cool.

Much Love

Sunday, October 25, 2015

When I met Buddha for 7 Seconds


From darkness into the light. The picture sums up my entire experience with Gautam Budha.(Yonggungsa temple, Busan)

Sometimes we need to talk to Mr. God..isnt it? After all he/she is the big daddy/Mamma of the planet and being that he/she is answerable to his/her folks. Not quite with that intention did I visit the Buddhist temple of Yonggungsa though. Yonggunsa is a beautiful Buddhist temple built by the side of  ocean in Busan, South Korea. I recently visited the temple and Oh my good lord!! What an experience it was. Believe you me . The view from the temple was breath takingly spectacular. With number of people swarming outside the main temple, inside was quiet & calm. I decided to spend a few minutes inside the temple. I really don't know how and why but all the questions and doubts and complaints i've had somewhere at the back of my mind came to the forefront/whatever you may call it. It felt like i'm sitting in front of a person and talking to him without actually speaking. For a moment, I felt disconnected from all the chaos of the outside world and connected to someone unknown. I felt like someone was answering all my questions and explaining the reasons for all the troubles and complaints and everything else that I had in mind.  My faith in the unknown or God or whatever you may call it was restored "WHEN I MET BUDDHA FOR 7 SECONDS". Yes, it was as short at 7 seconds and as long as an entire lifetime. I strongly recommend everyone to include this destination in their travel plan. Even if it doesn't satisfy your spiritual desires it would still be a visual delight for your eyes.

Haedong yonggungsa Buddhist temple, Busan, South korea

The main temple(Inside)

The main temple(Outside)

View from the temple
The beauty of traveling is that it exposes you to not just the external fears but also the ones you have inside you. It exposes you to the deepest of your fears and reveals the entire world of both vulnerability and strength to you. Traveling is revealing in so many ways.

Cost/Expenses to visit the temple

Travel From Seoul to Busan Express Bus Terminal : 23,000 won (~20USD)
Travel From Seoul to Busan (KTX): 57,000won (~50USD)
Busan Express Bus Terminal to Haeundae Station (Subway): 1400 won (~1USD)
Bus No. 181 From Haeundae Station Exit 7 to Yonggungsa Temple : 1400 won (~1USD)
Entry to the temple: Free
Motel/Night: 40,000-60,000 won (~35-52USD)

I stayed at hotel ibis at Haeundae Beach which is a litte pricy (120,000 won/night;105 USD). There is a wide range of hotels to choose from in Busan. You can book one according to your need and budget.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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